If you do not see the answer to your question listed here, please contact your nearest Stickley Audi & Co. showroom for more detailed assistance.

How should I care for my wood furniture?

The manufacturer will provide specific care instructions,  which should be followed closely. Please refer to our Fine Furniture Care Guide for general tips on caring for your wood furniture.

How should I care for my fabric or leather furniture?

Fabric and leather care varies widely depending upon the fabric or leather features. There are many products available for cleaning leather and upholstery, but what works on one item may ruin another. If you purchased your upholstered furniture through Stickley Audi & Co., please contact your showroom. A representative there will be able to help you determine the best methods for cleaning your specific upholstery.

What if I don’t live near a Stickley Audi & Co. showroom?

Stickley Audi & Co. is the authorized Stickley dealer for our specific trading areas. If you are interested in Stickley products but do not live near a Stickley Audi & Co. showroom, please go to the store locator at www.stickley.com to locate your nearest authorized Stickley distributor.

Who should I contact to learn more about my vintage Stickley piece, especially its current value?

Stickley will be happy to help identify older furniture. However, due to the vast number of Stickley pieces that were made over the years it is impossible to identify the exact model from a written or verbal description. Please send photographs of your furniture so we may be able to make accurate identification. Send regular photos directly to the attention of Historian, Stickley Furniture Co, One Stickley Dr., Manlius, NY 13104; or send digital images to history@stickley.com. Photos will be kept on file as property of Stickley and cannot be returned so please do not send family photos. Click here to review Helpful Hints for Sending Us Your Photos.

Also, watch the Events listings for your showroom, as our company historian, Mike Danial, visits some showrooms regularly for “Stickley Road Shows” which include appraisals based on photographs provided by customers.

What is the benefit of solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture is made from solid boards of the same species placed side-by-side and glued to create a table top, dresser top, side panels, etc. Better manufacturers use the widest boards possible, in fairly even widths, with well-matched grain patterns for the most appealing furniture. Using many narrow or varied width boards is not attractive, and is usually an indicator of lesser-quality manufacture.

Solid wood furniture is often the preferred choice due to its beauty, strength, ease of repair, and longevity. It tends to be more expensive due to the skilled labor and engineering involved in creating each item of furniture.

What is veneer?

Simply put, veneer is a thin slice of wood. Good veneers are approximately the thickness of a credit card. Some veneers can be as thin as a sheet of tablet paper. Veneer is preferred in some situations because of its versatility and resistance to expansion and contraction. Veneers can be cut into exquisitely detailed patterns and scenes, creating a true work of art on the surface of your furniture.

What is ‘wood movement’ and how will it affect my furniture? Solid wood expands and contracts because it is a cellular material that reacts to changes in humidity. Wood takes in moisture during the humid summer months and releases moisture in the dry winter months. It is impossible to completely prevent wood movement in solid wood furniture. In fact, most manufacturers of fine solid wood furniture will engineer their designs to allow room for minor movement. This phenomenon is natural, does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture, and is not considered a defect.

Why do my seat cushions make a crinkling sound when I sit on them?

The crinkling noise from most luxury cushions is caused by the down-proof ticking material that used to construct the cushion inserts. This is a very expensive, densely woven material designed to add body and support to the cushion, while preventing the feathers from poking through the surface. The characteristic sound is the ticking material flexing inside the cushion.

How often should I rotate the cushions on my upholstered furniture?

Rotating means you flip the cushions over, and, on sofas with more than one cushion, you change their location (the right end cushion is flipped and moved to the left end of the sofa). Cushion rotation keeps the casing positioned properly on the cushion core, and also evens out the impact of frictional wear and sun exposure on the fabric. We recommend rotating loose cushions weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the amount of use the piece receives.

Do I need to have my rug cleaned every year?

No. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, following the cleaning and care guidelines provided by your showroom, is all that is required for daily maintenance. Having your rug professionally cleaned every 5-10 years, if it needs it, should be sufficient.

Why is my Stickley rug “shedding”?

We use only Tibetan highland wool in our Stickley rugs, and a characteristic of this wool is a period of shedding. This shedding is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of your rug. To avoid this shedding, we would be forced to go to cheaper, less durable wools, and this is a quality compromise Stickley is not willing to make. The shedding will stop after a period of time, depending on the use the carpet receives. Frequent vacuuming helps.

What is the warranty on my furniture?

Warranties will vary by manufacturer. A copy of the appropriate warranty should be provided to you at the time of purchase. For additional warranty information, please contact your customer service representative at your Stickley Audi & Co. showroom.

Should I place my furniture in storage?

You should use extreme caution when storing solid wood furniture for any length of time, even when it’s stored in a “climate-controlled” facility. Extreme variations in temperature and humidity can harm the wood and the finish, in some cases causing irreparable damage. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty to determine if it covers your furniture once it’s been in storage.

Who should I contact to determine the status of my Stickley order?

Please contact your local Stickley Audi & Co. showroom. They will be able to access information regarding your specific order.

Who should I contact with concerns or questions about my furniture?

Please contact your local Stickley Audi & Co. showroom for assistance. Our showrooms have trained furniture technicians on staff or on call that can help you with service concerns.

How long will I have to wait for custom furniture?

Because of the wide range of choices available, many manufacturers (such as Stickley) make nearly every piece of furniture to order. For example, when you order a Stickley bedroom, they will probably be creating the bed and other pieces step-by-step from the cutting room right through the finish and trim departments. Most custom orders will take anywhere from 6-10 weeks to deliver, depending upon the manufacturer. Your Stickley Audi & Co. representative can provide detailed delivery information on your specific order.

How do I arrange a service call?

Each showroom has highly-skilled service technicians who can inspect and often repair your furniture without removing it from your home. To schedule a service call, contact your representative at your Stickley Audi & Co. showroom. The service technician will determine the best course of action after inspecting the furniture in question.

What if I move to an area where there isn’t a Stickley Audi & Co. showroom nearby and I need service?

If you contact your representative at the showroom where you originally purchased your furniture, they should be able to assist you in obtaining service regardless of your location.

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